Reasons you need an FM 200 fire suppression agent

None of us know when we will be trapped in an emergency fire situation and it is always a good idea to stay safe and prepare in advance. If you’re at home, school or office, there should always be a fire extinguisher such as fire safety equipment suppliers in dubai near which can come in handy because if there isn’t one, you won’t only be at a risk of losing your expensive and valuable equipments but your own life could also be in jeopardy.

FM 200 fire suppression system is one of the most common and also most effective fire suppression systems out there and here is the reason why you also need one:

  • It is quick

The best part about these suppression systems is that they have a sensitive detector in them which can detect every small fire around and respond within moments without wasting any time. It would flood the area with extinguishing agents before the fire gets out of control putting everything in danger.

  • Doesn’t leave any residue behind

The problem with different fire extinguisher is that they tend to leave residue behind which needs to be managed later on and cleaned. But with FM 200 this isn’t the case as it releases the gas which isn’t foaming agent but a simple gas which does not pose harm to human body neither to the environment around. Once the fire is extinguished, you can get back to work without wasting any time.

  • Safe for human health and wildlife

Many times when a fire alarm goes off and the gasses are emitted in order to suppress the fire, these gases can have a hazardous reaction to human health as people around may need to inhale it. But with FM 200 suppression system, the gas which is emitted is safe for human health which means it won’t cause any breathing or vision problems.

  • Environmental friendly

The best part about FM 200 is that it not only saves human life but also the environment as it is considered a healthier alternative as compared to previous Halon fire suppression gas. FM 200 doesn’t pose any threat to ozone layer which means that it can be used according to industrial guidelines.