Simple Landscape Design Hacks For Small Properties

Homeowners with small yards think that is it impossible to do any landscaping design due to space constraints, which is why they leave their yards as is. But experts in Dubai landscape design believe that it is possible to work with the limitations and create a stunning outdoor design that can wow anyone.

If you are dealing with the same problem, these simple but effective yard and landscape design can transform your small backyard in no time:

  • Create a cozy vibe

One of the best things about designing for a small backyard is that it is easier to make it look intimate. You can easily adapt a cozy ambiance. There are a lot of ways to do this. One way is to create a nook that can serve as the focal point of the space. This can divide the space effectively without making the exterior looked cramped and small.

  • Use color to your advantage

If you want to create an illusion of larger space, you can use color to make this happen. How? Place bold and vibrant colored foliage and flowers in front of your property to catch the attention of the people. As they proceed to the main house, the color will recede. This will give the space a larger perspective and make it feel like the property is bigger than it actual is.

  • Create an illusion of space

Another way to make the space look bigger is the use patterns. For interiors, you can use mirrors to create an illusion of space. But you cannot do this outside. For the exterior, using the power of perspective can help. Using long, straight lines and patterns to lead you to the space’s focal point can help make the space look bigger.

  • Go for vertical features

If you are having difficulty adding foliage due to limitations on space, you can use your walls instead. Vertical gardening is one of the latest landscaping trend today. This concept is being used to save space and also promote indoor gardening. If you have a small backyard, you can use this technique to dress up your exterior walls.

  • Go for height

When you have a small backyard, your choice of plants matter. In this case, choose grow in height. This can help create a different perspective and veer away the attention of the people from the smallness of the space.

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