Important Questions To Ask Your Prospective Solar Company

Solar energy can bring enormous positive changes to your home like lowering the cost of your electric bill and helps you to be involved in saving the environment through promoting renewable energy.

However, turning your home into a solar-powered space is a big step and if you need some clarifications from your prospective solar company, here are some important questions you need to ask.

  • Are you a certified member of your community?

Certifications are proof that a solar company in Dubai is credible to provide and install solar equipment to establishments and residences. These certifications also proves their capability to provide these special services. Before you enter into any agreement with a solar company, ask them if they are in anyway affiliated with organizations related to their industry and what are the certifications they can provide that would speak of their knowledge and capability on this field. If they can provide these guarantees, then they are worthy to stay on your list.


  • Is your business running a legit operation?

Apart from these certifications, you need to know whether their business is approved and licensed by the government. All businesses are required to register their business to concerned government institutions and they are obliged to check whether a company meets the standard set by the governing laws. If the solar company cannot provide proof of their license, then it would be best to cut ties with them.


  • Given the specs, how much would the equipment and installation cost?

If you are quite satisfied with the papers and certifications the company presented to you, you can now ask them about the technicalities of their services. But first, you need to give them your requirements – from your household energy consumption to the size of your roof. With the given requirements, ask them for the overall estimate of the equipment and installation. If possible, ask for a breakdown. Through this, you can make adjustments on your budget or negotiate if needed.


  • What are the specs and quality of your equipment?

Although we don’t have in-depth knowledge about solar equipment, it is our responsibility as a homeowner to know whether the equipment being installed in our homes is worth every penny and the specs are top notch. We don’t want any substandard machines to be put on our homes only to cause inconvenience and damage. So do your homework and make a research on the specs and make a comparison. Better yet, have the installer discuss this with you so you can understand how this would work.


  • How about post sales services?

Some companies offered post sales and installation services as a way of thanking their clients on supporting and getting their services. Do not be embarrassed to ask if there are any – like warranties, repairs, replacement, etc.

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