Facts about Chinese food

Chinese food is probably one of those cuisines which are enjoyed and devoured most all around the world. You will be shocked to look at all the amazing facts which you could be oblivious to. So grab your Chinese food in Dubai and enjoy this new set of information which will help you in enjoying your meals even more:

  • There is a huge diversity in flavours of Chinese food which ranges from sweet, sour, salty, bitter and spicy divided through the regions and balanced out according to their local cuisine and flavours. You could be having just one of them or maybe all at the same time from Chinese restaurants in Dubai delivery.
  • The northern and southern parts of the region are divided by consumption of rice and wheat. While the northern region prefers eating wheat in form of dumplings and steamed bund, at the same time, southern region prefers rice noodles and rice bowls.
  • There are a huge number of vegetables included in the Chinese diet than you may see in any other cuisine. This is also the reason that their fiber consumption is so high which often creates a lot of bowel movement, but they recover from it.
  • If you thought a huge number of vegetables as ingredient in meals wasn’t enough, you would be shocked to know the number of crazy vegetables and fruits grown in China and enjoyed by people.
  • The Chinese concept of yin and yang is also applied to food where it is believed that fresh ingredients such as vegetable, meat and all the other ingredients in a meal should be consumed only fresh and this is the reason that canned or frozen food is despised.
  • Because Chinese are famous and known for eating with chopsticks this is why most of their food is bite sized. Bite size cuttings of vegetables and meats help in handling the food easily and consume it quicker. It also has many health benefits.
  • You must have heard this one a lot of times, but here’s a gentle reminder to tell you that the dumplings which you are used to eating has more than a dozen different ways to be cooked. Not only dumplings, but it applies to almost all of the dishes.