Italian vs. Modern debate

There is an ongoing discussion about which furniture and kitchen accessories are better. Some people prefer Italian design and some prefer traditional or modern design. There are several characteristics of Italian kitchen which distinguish it from modern furniture UAE. To get an insight about these two you should read the following:

Italian kitchen uses warm lights to make it look like old school and a touch of rust color which will differentiate it from traditional look where cold lights are usually used.

When it comes to furniture people who opt for Italian design use to add heavy wooden furniture to their kitchen so that every one who enters it can have a seat to sit there and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea. While in traditional kitchens people typically make sitting arrangements outside the kitchen to make the kitchen more spacious.

In Italian kitchen the main theme is to build a kitchen which will look natural or made of natural things so that it may give you a feel of nature. For this purpose it will use hard wood which looks natural for the flooring or use stones and natural ceramic for flooring. On the other hand in traditional kitchens there will be stylish tiles and modern looking wood flooring to make it according to the taste of the owner.

To make it feel more rustic, Italian kitchen uses accessories and decoration pieces which look old in the appearance. For example antique looking pieces, wrought iron chandeliers, herb containing small pots and things like that. While traditional kitchen will go for classic designs with decoration pieces which are of informal nature.

Above all the debate about which one to choose it is always mentioned that the person who is buying accessories or renovating a home, must go with his own choices. He can visit other homes with the similar choices and then compare which is more attractive him. Then he should buy or renovate his kitchen and make it personalized. It is 100% your own choice to opt for any type of kitchen accessories and you can also make a fusion of the above mentioned types. By applying a fusion you will make your kitchen look unique that everyone who visits will definitely admires your choice and wants tips from you in order to make their kitchen like yours.